Real Estate Drone Photography

Once used by the military now this technology used be real estate agents. This is one of the biggest solutions for real estate videos . When using a drone to shoot videos of houses one is able to really get the true feeling online as if they were standing at the front of the house. When using this style of video shooting you are able to really capture the feel of the neighborhood and tell a true story about the home. There has never been an option to show online buyers these perspectives of video shots.

Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents- A true savvy agent uses all the latest technologies to give their soon to be buyers a true understanding of the home they have listed. There are very few options to really give the true feeling of home and surroundings until now.

A small town of Santa Cruz CA there are some new drone operators that are helping agents really make a difference in real estate photography.

Aerial Photography has been finally made obtainable for many industries and cost effective. In the past the price was so expensive most real estate agents would not hire a pilot. Visit 

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