Privacy Policy

Online Privacy Policy Notice

The Real Estate Supermarket®, Corporation. Are strongly dedicated to the security and security from the information presented to us through the experts who are people, affiliate marketers. We respect your right to maintain your private information private and understand your need to avoid undesirable marketing. Hopefully if you take a couple of moments to see this insurance policy, you’ll have a better knowledge of the way we make an effort to safeguard the data you trust to all of us.

Kinds Of Information We Collect

We collect certain private information in regards to you – only when that details are supplied by you or perhaps is acquired by us together with your permission. Private information is information inside a consumer report or perhaps an individual’s name or initial and surname in conjunction with the following:

(a) date of birth

(b) ssn or any other government released identification number

(c) mother’s maiden title

(d) unique biometric data (fingerprint, voice print, retina image)

(e) unique electronic identification number or routing code

(f) telecommunication access products including debit or charge card information or

(g) lender or username and passwords.

Good examples of sources that we collect information include:

Telephone calls along with you

Member programs posted personally, by mail, fax, or email

Keycard lease contracts and equipment problem forms

Letters, e-mails or faxes of your stuff

Questionnaires or surveys