Green Modular Classrooms Case Study

A growing number of school districts are acknowledging the advantages of modular building and are looking for that their classrooms be built to greener standards. Because of this, the industrial modular construction sector is taking notice and utilizing green materials, energy-efficient styles and HVAC units to accommodate the growing desire for eco-friendly schools.

Numerous green components were utilized to boost classroom day-lighting & acoustics as well as energy efficiency. The modular classroom feature a variety of high-performance items such as, acrylic skylights, dual window pane w/ low-E coatings, custom lighting with motion operated sensors and low unstable organic compound paint. The work also integrated green and recycled components including covered lightweight cement floors, sound Barriers, that are high-density fiber produced from recycled newspaper that help to manage acoustics in walls, and a painted polyurethane roofing. All the components, except for the interior casework, were accessible in the area, further minimizing the carbon footprint of the plan.

Case Study Examples

High Tech High









Jim Russell Racing Drivers School
Jim Russell Racing Drivers School





Harvard Yard Childcare Center






Modular System

American Modular Systems


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