Searching For The Right Property Management Company

In today’s rental market it is very important to keep your home protected. When you have a luxury home the last thing that you want to think about is a bad tenant wrecking your home. Many people do not think about this but to the select group that have had someone take advantage of them and destroy there investment home it can be one of the worst experience someone can have. When you hire a professional company they tend to protect you from this happening.



Find Tips on how to buy a Santa Cruz Beach home

Learn why people are investing in Santa Cruz Real Estate Beach home properties (homebuyingrealestate.com). When buying a beach home there’s a great deal to consider, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. These pointers can assist you steer in the right path if you’re thinking about a move soon.

You had to review and investigate to discover ways to drive prior to deciding to get behind the wheel. It’s goes the same with investing in a beach property. Making a bad decision on your first beach property may come back to bother you, so why wouldn’t you take some time to understand from the pros and go right to the top of the class with your investment decision knowledge?

Modern ECO Homes



Santa Cruz Real Estate Is A Sellers Market for 2014

This year 2014 the Santa Cruz Real Estate market has hit a market that is a huge for sellers. People that are listing their homes are receiving top dollar. It is not out of the ordinary to receive many offers on there properties.  When the market is this busy and the lack of inventory causes homes to sky market. When this happens it is a smart time to sell your home to get top dollar. For an example a home that would be priced at $700,000 just 6 months ago are seeing  offers for $825,000.  There are many different options into selling your home and many different real estate agents that can help you in this process.

Repairing Cracks in Concrete floor

Help guide to foundation damage repair techniques for bowing, cracking, leaning, settling or other kinds of foundation damage

This short article series talks about How you can Repair Broken Fundamentals, Foundation Cracks, Slab Cracks, Bowed, Secured, Leaning Foundation Walls, Settled Flooring.Before repairing a basis crack you should identify the reason for the crack and it is effects around the building structure.

San Jose Real Estate Market Heats Up

In the month of July the San Jose Real Estate market is heating up and homes are going into escrow faster then ever before. With the combination of low interest rates and low days on market homes seem to be getting multi. offers. The last time the market was moving this fast was 2002. Home values seem to rise quickly when it becomes a sellers market. Prediction from financial advisors is that the rates will be rising soon. Stay up to date with all the latest listings to hit the market in California. To search other norther California homes locate Santa Cruz real estate to find your dream home or if your looking for a home to rent visit www.santacruzpropertymanagement.net


Santa Cruz SEO Local Real Estate Help

One of the most crucial things to have in your real estate agent is to have an online presence. If done correctly you can be the main source for many diff niche areas. You are basically building a brand with your website. When someone is looking for a specific city or town you want them to associate that with your website. In todays markets it is harder to do that.

If you have the right people on your team it can be possible. Santa Cruz SEO expert Mr-SEO can help you achieve these goals. With numerous years of experience in real estate and online marketing. Learn from the best and build your business locally first. Doing things locally allows you to expand in time.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents- A true savvy agent uses all the latest technologies to give their soon to be buyers a true understanding of the home they have listed. There are very few options to really give the true feeling of home and surroundings until now. A small town of Santa Cruz CA there are some new drone operators that are helping agents really make a difference in real estate photography. Aerial Photography has been finally made obtainable for many industries and cost effective. In the past the price was so expensive most real estate agents would not hire a pilot. Visit www.santacruzrealestatedrone.com 

The Power of Real Estate SEO

One of the most successful methods of generating new business in the real estate market is tapping into the method of practicing real estate seo. Very few agents have tapped into this vast amount of lead producing sources. There is no better feeling then opening up your email and finding buyers and sellers just waiting for you to contact them.

Local Santa Cruz Hair Salon Gives Special deals to Real Estate Agents

There are many things an agent has to prepare for before a real estate appointment. Many people tend to forget that first impressions are everything when meeting a new client. Its important that you have a professional clean cut image that has it all together. Its important to stay groomed and be confident. Jessica Madani of The Hair Remedy comes from a real estate family. It only makes sense that she services many real estate clients. For the month of March she is offering special deals to local real estate agents. If your looking for a hair salon Santa Cruz this should be your first stop for a haircut.

Case Study Examples

High Tech High


Jim Russell Racing Drivers School
Jim Russell Racing Drivers School

Harvard Yard Childcare Center

Modular System

American Modular Systems


Green Modular Classrooms Case Study

A growing number of school districts are acknowledging the advantages of modular building and are looking for that their classrooms be built to greener standards. Because of this, the industrial modular construction sector is taking notice and utilizing green materials, energy-efficient styles and HVAC units to accommodate the growing desire for eco-friendly schools.

Numerous green components were utilized to boost classroom day-lighting & acoustics as well as energy efficiency. The modular classroom feature a variety of high-performance items such as, acrylic skylights, dual window pane w/ low-E coatings, custom lighting with motion operated sensors and low unstable organic compound paint.

The work also integrated green and recycled components including covered lightweight cement floors, sound Barriers, that are high-density fiber produced from recycled newspaper that help to manage acoustics in walls, and a painted polyurethane roofing. All the components, except for the interior casework, were accessible in the area, further minimizing the carbon footprint of the plan.